Imagine advertising only to people ready to buy what you sell...

People are searching for your services.
Can you name them?
We can.

“Behavioral targeting is now the white meat of marketing. The ability to attach behavior to specific identities is the quiet war taking place in media.”

Scott Galloway

“The Four”

Only 3% of your market is ready to buy at any given time.

And yet, your marketing team is advertising to everyone —including the other 97% of people that don't care. It's like using a megaphone to talk with a stadium full of people to start a conversation with the profitable 3% that care. How is this approach effective?

This is how even the best marketing campaigns are run these days.

Enter Behavioral Marketing

Market to needles,
skip the haystack.

We know who the active buyers are in your area, by zip codes, by name.

Start beating your competition with data that is exclusive to you and your industry. Identify the names of those in-market and target them on any marketing channel, online or offline via direct mail.

Reach Prospects Before Your Competitors

Be the first to know when a person starts researching your industry and start a profitable conversation.

Attract Only Interested Buyers

Target and retarget your prospects wherever they go via smart multichannel marketing campaigns.

Put Your Competition in Checkmate

Your competitors can steal your strategies, your ads, and your website, but they won't be speaking to the same profitable audience as you are.

Lower Your
Cost per Acquisition

10X your bottom line.

In-market people are doing research, and they need the services you offer. You won't find a more qualified audience of people ready to buy.

Picture this, you'll be like that perfect billboard in the right location that is visible to hungry people looking for a place to eat.

We've delivered over a 715% increase in lead volume and positive ROI for our past clients, within the first few months.

It works because you'll be able to market to future clients way before your competitors ever find out with their ‘shotgun’ approach.

Who We Partner With

Because our technology is in high demand, we have to make sure you can handle the additional business behavioral marketing will bring you. Plus, we have a strict one client per area policy.


Advertisers advertise and professionals hire other professionals. You already invest money to make money.


It's imperative that you have systems in place, ready to handle the influx of patients we are ready to send to you.


You serve your customers at the highest level. We want to make sure our partners are just as passionate about helping others as we are.

Here Is How It Works


Millions of people commit hundreds of behaviors pre-purchase, but only 3% are ready to buy at any given time. We help you reach only those people.


  1. Ai + Big Data = Buyer Intent

    We see the paths, interests, and behaviors of everyone through keyword searches, URL navigations, and multiple partnerships. We then use that data to produce a list of active buyers in your area.

  2. Proven Sales Funnel

    We advertise only to this list of active buyers via multichannel marketing. Since they are in-market, they are 97% more likely to join your marketing funnel than any other prospect.

  3. Remarket Your Way to Their ❤️

    Create an “availability bias” on your future customers through remarketing and be omnipresent to them.

  • “There is always an audience you are not reaching. Just let Felix and his team at Going Places do the work for you. They are the digital marketing 🦄 you need in your life.”
    Joshua Ritcher
    Silicon Slopes

Grow like the Fortune 500, without spending like them.

Get in front of your future customers. Experience 10X growth today.