Advertise only to people ready to buy...

People are searching for your service.
Can you name them?
We can.

“Behavioral targeting is now the white meat of marketing. The ability to attach behavior to specific identities is the quiet war taking place in media.”

Scott Galloway

“The Four”

How it works ⚡️

🤖 Ai tells us who is actively searching for what you offer, by name.

By leveraging artificial intelligence, we can identify active buyers by internet behavior and target them on any channel. Online or offline, it doesn't matter because we know them by name.

We rely on data, not feelings.

Be Their First Contact

Be the first to know real-time when a person starts researching your industry and looking for a pro.

Reach Interested Prospects

Target and retarget your prospects wherever they go via smart multichannel marketing campaigns.

Put Your Competition in Checkmate

Beat your competition with data that is exclusive to you. We have a strict one client per area policy.


Picture this, millions of people commit hundreds of behaviors pre-purchase, but only 3% are ready to buy. These are the only people you should advertise to... Whether we like it or not, 225 million Americans are being tracked right now...


  1. Ai + Big Data = Buyer Intent

    We are tracking keyword searches, URL navigations, and Internet behaviors. We then use that data to produce a list of active buyers in your area.

  2. Proven Sales Funnel

    We advertise only to this list of in-market people using multichannel marketing. Since they've already shown interest, they are way more likely to join your sales funnel than anyone else.

  3. Remarket Your Way to Their ❤️

    Those who need to learn more about you before pulling the trigger get “remarketed” for top-of-mind awareness. You'll also save 90% of your marketing budget by only remarketing to those in-market.

You can now market to “needles” instead of the entire haystack...

Who is this for? 👤

The best businesses in the world understand that advertisers advertise and professionals hire other professionals. If you match the following criteria, we want to partner with you...

Does it work? 📈

Like a dream. Because in-market people are already doing research, they've decided they need what you offer.

Imagine this, you'll be like that perfect billboard in the right location that is visible to hungry people actively searching for a restaurant nearby.

We've delivered over a 715% increase in lead volume and positive ROI for our past clients, within the first few months. This is almost unheard of, in our industry.

It works because you'll be able to market to future clients way before your competitors. You'll be the best choice from path to purchase.

  • “There is always an audience you are not reaching. Just let Felix and his team at Going Places do the work for you. They are the digital marketing 🦄 you need in your life.”
    Joshua Ritcher
    Silicon Slopes

Advertise like the Fortune 500, without spending like them.